Arena Drag

The designers at Superior Implements wanted to take an affordable design, combined with out own experiences to make the most user friendly drag on the market. The design of this arena drag takes four implements (riper, grater, harrow, clod compactor) and rolls them into one. Providing an implement that uses one pass, half the time, every time. For more information about our Arena Drag click here

SFI Arena Drag

SFI Arena Drag


The Superior Implements Drag Type Grading Scraper is built with the same heavy duty main frame as the Industrial Grading Scraper, with a drawbar tongue and axle.  It was made in mind for the guy who doesn’t have a tractor, yet is in need of road or driveway repair. The drag type is designed for use with a heavy duty pick-up and comes equipped with a  hydraulic rear axle and a self-contained electric/hydraulic pump. The axle comes standard with radial tires for better transport from location to location. It has a ratcheting jack on the front pivot point in front of the main beam to ensure the blades can be leveled when in the down position. It can also be hooked up behind a tractor which will give it full hydraulic capabilities (doing away with the ratchet jack and self-contained pump), making this drag versatile for those with, or without a tractor.